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AYW Instructors

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David Bardos



David's passion for Aikido started during his Uni days. He earlier studied Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting), Krav Maga and Taekwon-Do for several years and when he saw how Aikido was being performed, he immediately fell in love with it. That love resulted in a 20 year journey of love and passion towards the art which even brought him to train in the US and Japan. David trained for some years in the Philippines under Tom Pena and Ernesto Talag Sensei before moving to Australia.

David's approach to training reflects his take on life: practical and continuously introspective. David believes that practicality is further honed by intensive training that instills Aikido movements in daily tasks while introspectiveness is strengthened by meditation. In his sessions, David incorporates the integral component of meditation to instill the sense of being, belonging and privilege that life brings.

David has organized very successful Aikido demonstration events and seminars and has been very active in spreading Aikido to the community. One of his projects was Myriad2010 which was the first Martial Arts festival in regional NSW. Myriad2010 attracted more than a thousand visitors from all across Australia including international instructors.

David is passionate about his community and devotes a lot of his time in organising and faclitatating free Self-Defense Women and Anti-Bullying for kids workshops. 

When not teaching (and working) he loves to go on his bikes. He is also the co-founder of Riverina Arnis Association (A Filipino Martial Art club in Wagga Wagga) and the current president of PCYC Wagga.

David currently holds the rank of Rokudan or 6th Dan in Aikido.

Conrad Dare-Edwards


Conrad started his path in Aikido in 2007 and is one of the certified instructors of Aikido Wagga. Conrad teaches Aikido in it's purest form, that is, with a open mind and a samurai spirit. Conrad's approach to Aikido is simple: learning the basics and mastering the fundamentals.

When Conrad is not teaching kids soccer, he takes his mountain bike for a spin to any place where there is dirt.

Conrad currently holds the rank of Shodan or 1st Degree Black Belt.

Scott Cochrane


Scott's passion for Aikido started in 2008.

His commitment to the art and the club has led him to become one of the certified instructors of Aikido Wagga.

This allows him to continue studying Aikido, as well as introducing the art to others in the local area.

Like many young boys growing up in regional NSW in the 70's, he tried his hand at a number of sports. Athletics, Football, Soccer, Tennis; in fact pretty much any sport on offer was taken up! Fitness, health and general wellbeing have been high on the agenda with Scott for many years.

In the 90's he began studying various forms of natural healing, most of which involve energy or what he now refers to as "Ki", the energy integral to the art of Aikido.

After retiring from team sports, Scott began to look for other ways to remain fit and healthy in both mind and body. The discovery of Aikido ticked those boxes but after training for only a short time he found more in the martial art that made his soul healthier too.

As a creative outlet Scott writes and performs music for himself and with other musicians.

He is passionate about people and community but spends as much time as he can in the bush - usually on a mountain bike!

A person of zen qualities, Scott trains and teaches as if it was his last time on the mat.

He currently holds the rank of Shodan or 1st Degree Black Belt

Jase Gannon


Jase entered the Aikido Wagga dojo in 2008 and never left. A certified instructor of Aikido Wagga, Jase loves mixing things up during training which makes each class highly energetic and fun.

Jase loves his private time with friends and family, especially sushi nights (which, until today, is a mystery as to what that really is).

Prior to Aikido, Jase has spent 18 years in the practice of No-Can Do. An eclectic form of some form of princple based focused on advanced tactical and combative system. He is ranked SIFU by the World No-Can Do Association (WNCDA) based in Northern outskirts of Tibet.

Seriously, Jase currently holds the rank of Shodan or 1st Degree Black Belt in Aikido.