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2012 Events

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Back to basics - Kata Dori Series (Ikkyo, Nikyo, Sankyo, Yonkyo)

14 Jan - Weapons

26 Jan - Formal introduction on Ukemi. Safe ways of falling down.
February - Jo Nage and Jo Tori Series

AYW focuses on the Jo

14 Feb - Introduction to Kokyu - Breathing and Timing

23 Feb - Introduction to Tori - Grab variations
March - Urhiro Ryokata Month

AYW focuses on the priciples of Ushiro Ryokata

6 March - Introduction to Shisei - Stance and Posture
April - Kote Gaeshi Month

AYW focuses on Kote Gaeshi or Wrist Turn Out

22 April - Seminar with Murray Loader. AYW heads off to Canberra for a great seminar with Sensei Loader.

26 April - Review on Kote Gaeshi

Jess performing a series of Kote Gaeshi techniques
May - Katate Tori Month

AYW focuses on Katate Tori or Same hand grab

10 May - 5th and 4th Kyu gradings

20 May - Weapons training

Lieng performing a series of Katate Tori techniques

June - Ryote Tori Month

AYW looks at Ryote Tori or Grabing one arm with both hands

14 June - Ukemi night!

21 June - How to manage a randori

23 June - Weapons training
July - Ushiro Month

AYW focuses on Ushiro or Rear attack

3 July - Review on Kubi Uchi

24 July - Review on Sudori

28 July - Weapons training

Conrad performing Ushirotekubidori Taninzugake
August - Ikkyo month

AYW focuses on Ikkyo (ude osae) or first teaching

16 Aug - A look at Zagi Handachi (uke attacks nage on kneeling position)

23 Aug - A closer look at Ki Breathing
September - Nikyo month

AYW focuses on Nikyo (kote mawashi) or second teaching

1 Sept - AYW anniversary party!

13 Sept - A variety of Sumi Utosh

25 Sept - Kokyu Dosa night

29 Sept - Weapons training
October - Sankyo month

AYW focuses on Sankyo or third teaching

8-13 Oct - Riverina Martial Arts Week

Saturday, 13 October 2012

1:30pm - 3:30pm

Lake Albert Hall (Apex Park)

Eastlake Drive cor. Lake Street, Wagga Wagga

Cost: Dollar Coin Donation - proceeds go to Country Hope

Registration required so book now!

More information can be obtained from David Bardos at 0421-004-691 or through email

11 Oct - A look at balance and importance of centre line

18 Oct - Visiting the principle of "Relaxing completely"
November - Maruyama seminar
Maruyama Seminar Ad

1 - 4 November - Maruyama seminar in Wagga Wagga. Please click here for DETAILS
December - Taninzugake month

AYW reviews on taninzugake (it's real meaning and purpose)

1 Dec - Christmas Party

14 Dec - Gradings

20 Dec - Last training for the year

25 - Dec - Merry Christmas!