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5th April - 3 May 2016 Respond.Empower.Liberate Self-Defense for Women Course

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Respond.Empower.Liberate Self-Defense for Women Course

All relevant details regarding the workshop are outlined below.

Workshop Details

Type or format: 5 week intensive workshop
When: Every Tuesday, 5th April until 3rd May 2015
Time: 6pm to 8:00pm
Where: PCYC Wagga, 2nd Floor, 228 Gurwood Street, Wagga Wagga NSW

Workshop facilitator: Aikido Wagga
Duration: 2 hours
Prescribed participant number: 15
Requirements: Participants are required to sign a waiver form (available at the venue)
Clothing: Normal tracksuit, water and hand towel. For safety on the mat during the workshop, Aikido Wagga will require all participants to remove all kinds of jewellery.

Cost: $210.00

- Please see Women Empowered Prime7News Video Here

To register simply email or call to book your space at 0421-004-691.

Workshop Background

This self-defense course for women is designed to give the participants strategies to deal with potential self-defense situations. A tested combination of mind and body training will make the participant more aware of their potential strengths, through learning effective techniques to protect themselves against various assailants - whether they are armed or unarmed, in their house, in their car or on the streets.

Throughout the workshop the participants will be shown simple self-defense strategies that can be used in a range of situations. The workshop will arm the participants with tools to recognise, evaluate, avoid, negotiate and actively respond to circumstances that can lead to any assault.

The workshop is designed to enable women to escape and defend themselves from attackers and use the ultimate weapon, the mind. The techniques are not purely based on strikes and kick as most other self-defence courses for women.

This is for all levels of fitness and has been developed specifically for women. No prior knowledge is required and will consist of a mixture of theoretical and practical elements, building on one's skills and confidence.

Workshop Feedback

"I loved the workshop and would recommend it to any female CSU student or staff member. It is very empowering! It was so easy to learn the basic concepts, regardless of how physically fit your are. I noted that everyone in the workshop appeared comfortable at all times and it was also great to have the option to try the moves out on both female and male teachers. Thanks for the great opportunity and I hope more people from CSU attend!"

Katie Murrell-Orgill
CSU Student Counsellor (MAASW) | Access and Counselling Wagga Wagga NSW

"I felt empowered after the workshop and it has really taught me to be aware of my surroundings. Having such a professional team instruct me on the tips and techniques of how to defend myself if needed has given me added confidence, and this workshop is something all females should attend"

Vickie van Heuzen
Senior Property Manager
Fitzpatricks Real Estate

"A lot of the self-defense taught was easy to pick up and was very practical. I was able to perform the basic techniques in less than 2 seconds! I also loved the concept of being able to control the situation without using strength or force whether standing or on the ground. The class was fun and exciting but most importantly, I learned a lot!"

Corinne Miotti
Wagga Wagga Resident


Spaces are limited and we encourage you to book early.

David Bardos

Mobile: 0421-004-691