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Women Empowered Self Defense for Women

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This self-defense course for women is designed to give the participants strategies to deal with potential self-defense situations. A tested combination of mind and body training will make the participant more aware of their potential strengths, through learning effective techniques to protect themselves against various assailants - whether they are armed or unarmed, in their house, in their car or on the streets.

Throughout the workshop the participants will be shown simple self-defense strategies that can be used in a range of situations. The workshop will arm the participants with tools to recognise, evaluate, avoid, negotiate and actively respond to circumstances that can lead to any assault.

The workshop is designed to enable women to escape and defend themselves from attackers and use the ultimate weapon, the mind. The techniques are not purely based on strikes and kick as most other self-defense courses for women.

This is for all levels of fitness and has been developed specifically for women. No prior knowledge is required and will consist of a mixture of theoretical and practical elements, building on one's skills and confidence.

What the participants had to say...

"A lot of the self-defense taught was easy to pick up and was very practical. I was able to perform the basic techniques in less than 2 seconds! I also loved the concept of being able to control the situation without using strength or force whether standing or on the ground. The class was fun and exciting but most importantly, I learned a lot!"

Corinne Miotti

"I encourage every woman to take this class. We owe it to ourselves to take these types of workshops and collectively empower ourselves. The workshop was very practical, interesting and motivating."

Stacey McDermott

"The workshop content was very impressive. The mindset and actual techniques provided was very practical. I highly recommend it to everyone. The instructors were great and I had a great time."

Sarah Page

Space is limited so register now! For more information please contact David Bardos at 0421-004-691 or email

What to wear and bring - Normal trackies, water and hand towel. For safety on the mat during the workshop, we will require all participants to remove all kinds of jewelry.

Learn the basics and empower yourself!